Space Shock III

Space Shock III: Backlash is a simple scrolling shooter. The players purpose is to go through all the stages of the game and fight with the bosses at the end of each stage.
- Controls = = -
W, A, S, D - movement
Space - shoot
G - special weapons
Shift - jerk
Q, E - bias
F - pause
F3 - show FPS

- = Gameplay = -
The game is divided into five stages, and at the end of each battle the boss is waiting for you. Bosses are resistant to missiles and flamethrowers. Theres always a chance that a defeated boss will drop special weapons.
As you advance there are more and more dangerous and sophisticated enemy ships. From shooting there, to dissecting, even to rocket men.
The aircraft has special abilities, and varying fuel consumption. The slope allows you to avoid a collision with an enemy object, and a way to split an asteroid and fly through an enemy ship.
In the course of the game you can drop different items and weapons, and the chance of precipitation increases with the number of ships bombed. This number affects the drop rate of more powerful weapons. The selection of the same weapons increases the number of stems, and the selection of a another type replaces it.
With the start of the third stage of flying asteroids, collisions will result in an explosion. They can be broken down by any weapons, but theres a 7% chance that the capsule will fall with it, activating Rage Mode. The strength of asteroids depends on their size, so large ones makes sense to avoid, unless you have a weapon with high damage potential.
On the fourth stage there are black holes that suck in any object. The force of attraction depends on the distance of the object from the center.

- = Level = -
The level of difficulty depends on the number of enemy ships, their speed, damage, health, the number of dropped items / weapons, the duration of each stage, the size of asteroids and health of the bosses.
At this level, the complexity of the aircraft and fuel are restored completely. A small number of enemy ships exist and only light damage is possible.
At this level, the complexity of the aircraft is reduced if the level of damage exceeds 50%. Fuel is restored to 66% only. Moderate amounts of enemy ships exist and moderate damage is possible.
At this level, the aircraft is not restored at all, and all the fuel is only restored to 33%. A large number of enemy ships abound, and high damage is possible.

- = = Bleeding aircraft -
Leveling the aircraft is via the distribution of points for skills and is only available before the game. In the process of playing, aircraft characteristics cannot be changed, except for special items, to temporarily provide an advantage.
Lives: Indicates the number of aircraft replacement players.
Health: Responsible for the amount of damage that can affect a plane.
Engine: Responsible for airspeed.
Clutch: Responsible for handling.
Fuel: Fuel tank capacity.
Guns: The maximum number of turrets that can be set up.
Damage: Damage Factor.

- Primary Weapon = = -
Basic weapons, which is included with the aircraft and shoots single bullets.
Machine gun
Allows you to lay down heavy fire and effectively restrain the enemy.
More advanced weapons with high damage.
Light machine gun
Pretty powerful weapon, firing white energy clots.
Laser Rifle
Radiation, precision-guided weapons. Installing two or more turrets allows you to destroy any target with the first shot.
Pulse gun
Shoots charges in the form of a crescent. It has high damage.
It produces green plasma clots. It is easily the best weapon to have.

- Special Weapon = = -
Lead hail
Sprays a lot of lead bullets in different directions, causing a lot of damage.
Star Fury
Produces a flurry of stars flying in different directions. Does more damage.
Burns the enemy ships and makes it impossible for them to fire back.
Powerful special weapon in the game, having a large radius of destruction.

- Objects = = -
Adds one life.
Protects from bullets.
Replenishes fuel.
Restores the aircraft.
Activates Rage mode. In this mode, the plane shimmers the colors of stars, and includes enhanced protection against bullets, weapon damage, recovered fuels and appears immune to black holes.
Very rarely does it fall from broken asteroids.



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